Date: 25th November 2019 at 6:03am
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told Sky Sports

“We didn’t deliver what we wanted to do in the first half, I think that’s plainly obvious to everyone in the stadium. We made a couple of mistakes tactically on the pitch, that happens in the game, it’s so difficult to change as you’re playing at the moment.

“You’re hoping that the players can get it right but we didn’t deliver it, we were a yard off on our press. We allowed them to play around us, they’ve got very good technical players and we allowed them to come into the game which, of course, wasn’t what we intended. But I have to take responsibility for that, every time you send a team on to the pitch you want to cover all bases for them and make sure you get it right. I felt we didn’t and ultimately that’s my call.”

Should Francis have been sent off?





Written by Waz afcb

Who would have thought that shoehorning in a player (Simon Francis) who clearly isn’t good enough into a system that we’ve shown time and time again we can’t play wouldn’t work?

Pretty much every fan I spoke to was left very bemused by Eddie Howe’s decision yet he can’t see it himself? I’m sorry but that just wasn’t anywhere near good enough from Eddie today. For the first time my faith in him has stuttered slightly, if anyone can come up with a logical reason for Eddie’s decisions today other than Franno is one of his favourites and will play him at all costs then I’m interested to hear it.

We’ve just thrown away points based on something that virtually everybody who watches can see and that is nowhere near good enough.

The issue here is how glaring and obvious that this mistake was.

Even ignoring the fact that Franno isn’t up to it anymore, what an earth has Eddie seen from us playing three at the back before to make him think that this is a good idea? Has he blanked the Sheffield United game from his memory? Wilson is left totally isolated and we don’t look like getting the ball anywhere near the penalty area let alone fashioning a half chance. Fraser cannot create from central positions, he is a winger and only ever effective when allowed to stick wide. Rico cannot play wingback.

You can go on and on as to why playing this way didn’t make any sense and we’ve seen it all before in previous games! Eddie keeps saying the players will learn from his mistakes but why does he never learn from his?

Red_till_im_ded wrote…

The second half papered over the cracks. Because of the second-half performance, the supporters feel better but had our first-half performance matched our second and our second matched our first and we came out losing 2-1 having been a goal up there’d be a different attitude to the result.

Bottom line, the first half lost us that match both in goals and team selection. So no Franno against Spurs but you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll be on the bench against Palace. Now we have to deal with Solanke and king out with hamstring injuries. How the hell has Eddie let us be in a position where we just have 1 fit striker in the squad !?? – Join the conversation, click here.

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