Date: 26th July 2020 at 8:55pm
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AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe told the Daily Echo

“I think the next step for me is to speak to the owner and the board of directors and see where we go from here.

“We need to have a strong vision of the future, so I think that’s the next step.”

“I feel very emotional, sad, dejected, loads of different things that of course are difficult emotions to feel.

“In terms of feeling and emotions, this has been the hardest moment of my career. I know the players are hurting – I saw the dressing room.

“I was with the players, albeit not for too long. They are all very disappointed with what’s happened, not so much today but obviously during the season we haven’t been good enough.

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Written by London Cherry

Please stay Eddie!

I’m sitting in the same seat I was five and a bit years ago with a very different emotion. Gutted, pure gutted, but what a great ride it has been, something you never would have imagined we’d go on 10 years ago. The Championship could be more entertaining; I certainly won’t miss VAR or mid-table obscurity. I’ve been to all the ‘big’ grounds I wanted to see and I’m desperate to see more matches with my young family. I just pray and hope we keep Eddie Howe in place or he doesn’t want to take a break. With Eddie, I believe in my team and in the direction we’re going. It’s been hard at times this year but if we can only sell 2/3 we can kick on next year and have an entertaining year. Please stay Eddie.

tedisking added…

You would hope a meeting has been arranged early this coming week, to sort out how the club goes forward, and let the fans know Eddie is staying…’s a quick turn about till next season……no time to mess around.

dj_silver wrote…

Eddie had a dream, I don’t think it has been fulfilled yet. He strikes me as a man who likes a challenge. He could well view taking us back up is an even bigger challenge than getting us in the Prem in the first place. Loves the club etc. etc. so this could be a great chance to get his credentials back on track. Needs to change his coaching staff big time.

billythekid said…

I saw his Sky interview and he said he was very emotional and having a job to keep it together.

Then spoke to Steve Cook who said they didn’t carry out the manager’s instructions so they should take the blame.

Back to Eddie who is going to speak to the people who matter and we will take it from there.

Might be wishful thinking, but I think he wants to stay. – Join the conversation, click here.

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