Date: 6th February 2007 at 1:53pm
Written by:

Variety is the spice of life, as someone probably once said. At AFC Bournemouth the fans certainly share that ethos.

It is a tribute to the ‘get up and go` attitude of supporters who follow our club that we have different groups which cater for almost every fans needs. BFC provide a regular meeting place for Cherries fans; Playershare involvement has been legendary; Exiles provide a forum for those living away from Dean Court; In addition there is the Vice-Presidents, Shareholders, KDSA, RednBlack, and the website to name just, well, more than just a few.

Each ‘group` has different aims, rules, constitution etc. But every single group has one thing in common. One cause around which we all unite. A desire to see AFC Bournemouth succeed.

Each group harnesses the skills of its own membership to get things done. People, ‘Boscombe` supporters, give up their valuable time to help move the club forward, and to make things better for us all. You see them every week. Paul Frank with his dedicated fund-raising work for Playershare; Debbie Harris, who has revitalised the Junior Cherries. There are many more.

But what happens when the knowledge or skills don`t exist within the group? Where does each group turn?

Well, working on the principle that a problem shared is a problem halved, the CM is proposing the setting up of a ‘Fans Council`. No, come back?

“Not another group!” we hear you scream? Bear with us! Far from just being a ‘talking shop`, a Fans` Council would be an ideal place to share ideas, gather support from other colleagues, or simply raise any issues of concern which can be fed back to the club.

Isn`t this yet another commitment? Well yes, but it needn`t be. During the early days the Council could meet every two months, and see whether it has benefits.

Of course, this can`t happen without your support. So if you belong to one of the above groups (or indeed one not mentioned) and would like to get involved, please email us at If the response is there we can make it happen!


Rob Trent
CM Chair