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AFC Bournemouth’s loans this season…

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Written by blandford_cherry

This season’s loans… Have been Bizarre.

Ethan Laird – I know when we signed him Adam Smith was out, but the prognoses would be that he would be back by February, Laird wasn’t fully fit but was by all accounts playing very well for Swansea. With Jack Stacey as ample backup did, we really need a 3rd championship quality right back to cover those few weeks? Now can’t make the squad due to either fitness or tactical reasons and looks like a waste of ours, his and Manchester United’s time,

Freddie Woodman – Ill on Saturday but unless AFC Bournemouth head coach Scott Parker (unjustifiably) dropped Mark Travers the game after Woodman arrived he was never going to displace our player of the season so far and will probably go back to Newcastle with the solo fa cup appearance. Again, by all accounts a quality keeper. Did he come here knowing he was number 2? Not sure what’s more favourable, being 3rd choice at Newcastle or 2nd choice here but again looks like a waste of everyone’s time considering his form for Swansea in this league last season.

Todd Cantwell – I’m sure he will get more game time in the coming weeks and would prefer him over Philip Billing at times, but again I would imagine he came here thinking he would be one of the first names on the team sheet. He seems to be enjoying it down here so one to watch for the last 9 games.

Leif Davis – when he signed we didn’t know what a revolution Jordan Zemura would be so I can see that, Leeds had every right to recall him in January but didn’t, again can’t make the squad perhaps he’s injured. Quality player and gave Zemura the kick up the backside he needed a few weeks ago where he was dropped to the bench but subsequently went off injured.

Morgan Rogers – Nothing needs to be explained.

It doesn’t seem like us to make so many strange loan signings as some said on here at the time in January it was more a case of throwing the kitchen sink at getting promoted.

Your say…

Waz afcb wrote…

The Laird one is truly bizarre. We went to the effort to get his parent club to cancel his season-long loan at Swansea only to then not even have him in the match day squad. He excelled all season as a wing-back (a position we don’t play) and now he can’t get near our team because he apparently doesn’t understand how to perform the role that Parker wants from a right back. All this despite having 2 right-backs at the club anyway (Smith was soon to return to fitness at this point.) This kind of situation is why I find it very hard to heap any kind of praise on Richard Hughes/Neill Blake. I’ve seen people praise them for their work in the market and there have been some good ones this season for sure, but from what I can see it generally seems to be a bit of a scattergun approach with not a lot of thought put into it.

kirsikka added…

I’ve wondered the same thing about Laird but thinking about it, the club was damned if they do, damned if they don’t. If Smith doesn’t come back when expected or experiences a flare-up and we haven’t signed a Right Back then everyone would be giving them pelters for not bringing in an option since we knew there was a problem. As it is, Smith is fit and firing so they’re criticised the other way.

I know why the club signed Woodman and it makes sense from our perspective. I’ve no idea why he agreed to come though.

For Davis, there isn’t necessarily a recall clause for Leeds. I don’t remember it being reported they had one but may have missed it. Again, makes sense for us to keep him as any injury to Zemura and he’s needed.

Rogers made sense on paper but bombed. It can happen.

Cantwell will have a big part to play in the weeks ahead still. I can still see that one becoming permanent. He’s just being kept out by players in very good form but rotation will bring him back soon.

The one I don’t understand is Nat Phillips. He seems nice enough. Fair quality. Nothing that we couldn’t have got from Steve Cook though, and given the loan fee Steve Cook was cheaper so it wasn’t a monetary thing. – Join the conversation, click here.

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